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The Destination Narrative

Learn How To Engage More Valuable Visitors & Guests By Activating Their Emotions!

Have you ever wished you could just hit the copy button and duplicate your best visitors & guests? Or wondered why some people will shout from the rooftops about your brand, while others seem indifferent?


The answer is in the way you make people feel.


In this mini course we will begin to uncover how you can attract more captivated consumers of hospitality, leisure, and travel experiences to your doors.

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  • You have satisfied visitors & guests. But do you have emotionally connected visitors & guests? 


    People who feel “emotionally connected” to a brand are on average 52% more valuable than even those who felt highly satisfied. Not only do they spend more, they're also 3x more likely to recommend your experience.  


    So how do the best of the best hospitality & tourism brands go about this?


    A big part of the answer is not a new concept you have to learn. In fact, it’s ancient and has been engaging people all over the world for centuries.




    Stories create emotional ties. A good story can’t help but draw you in, entice you, hold you captivated, stir up emotion. 


    From the moment someone becomes aware of your experience, your narrative begins to work its magic, making them feel certain ways.


    What stories are your potential visitors & guests experiencing on social media?


    What about your in-person experience? Does it have all the makings of a memorable story? With twists and turns and moments of wonder?


    Or is it just sort of… flat?


    Over the next five days you will receive a mini lesson in your inbox. We will dig deeper into these concepts, helping you to make sense of storytelling so that you can unlock the key to profitable word of mouth and brand devotion! 


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